Communicate and connect

Bring leaders, clients, customers and co-workers together with acting techniques.

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found their professional confidence improved
said that they would recommend the training
suggested our sessions be introduced for others
Increase flexibility and on the spot problem-solving
Develop vocal presence
Gain composure in front of an audience
Improve listening, collaboration and leadership
Embody your brand
Share with authenticity and personality
Gain techniques for camera and in-person
Support wellbeing and community

What makes it work?

So it works. But why?

'Learn by doing' approachDitch the whiteboard and get down to practice in an approach that creates courage, flexibility and confidence.
Methods from professional performersEngage your audience with tried and tested techniques.
Tailored trainingEverybody's different. That's why we work with you closely so that our training reflects that.

Our trainers have walked the boards with

bbc.pngcentral.pngchannel 4.jpghbo.jpglamda.pngrsc.jpgSky atlantic.png
"The training has made a huge difference to the confidence and quality of our work. So much of what we do relies on our ability to communicate information clearly to our users and clients, in the form of webinars, presentations, recorded videos, podcasts and on stage. We've now got the tools to do this in a way that combines personality with effectiveness, conveying the joy of the work we do."
Mridula Pore.png
Mridula PorePeppy Health
Online group workshops

Transform your teams with in-depth, learn-by-doing experiences

Contact us for pricing
$150per seat per year
  • Perfect for upskilling frontliners
  • Customizable content
  • Peer learning and discussion
  • Practical techniques and insights
  • 'Learn by doing' approach
Online 1:1 coaching

Help individuals level-up their game with personalised, in-depth training

Contact us for pricing
$950per seat per year
  • Great for team leaders and organisation reps
  • Customizable content
  • Practice and hone set pieces
  • Practical techniques and insights
  • 'Learn by doing' approach
In-person training days

Introduce life-changing insights to your entire organisation

Contact us for pricing
$450per seat per year
  • Great for whole team transformation
  • Customizable content
  • Peer learning and discussion
  • Practical techniques and insights
  • 'Learn by doing' approach
"Really love working with these guys. Andy is an incredible listener, he understands the problems and then tailors the training course accordingly. The team loved the session and we will definitely be signing up again."
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Adit Trevadiformer Lingumi

Ready to get started?

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