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Our partners

make use of our online

actor-led, on-camera coaching

for better meetings, pitches, and videos

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We help people feel

more like themselves in front of an audience on camera.

For persuasive team presentations, more memorable meetings,

and captivating promotional videos.

Starting with the speaker, our aim is to make online presenting a more enjoyable experience for everyone -

and our creative, acting-inspired approach is key to unlocking our partners' potential.

Jo Saxby and Andy Laithwaite, The Actor Inside Co-founders; Marlie Haco, acting coach for public spe
Lili Miller, Charlie Merriman, and Olivia Le Andersen, acting coaches for public speaking
Online public speaking workshop with sma


Our online sessions take the most valuable insights from world-class acting training and our experience as professional actors, and apply them to the challenge of authentically engaging audiences on-camera.

So how do we do it?

1. First, we take away the tension from presenting - so we can     

   feel more free


2. Then from this freedom, we practice and hone habits that can            engage our audiences

The result? Becoming more interesting, with less stress. Hallelujah!

Online individual coaching for professional public speaking, presentation skills and communication training - star shape


For CEOs, new-starters, client-facers
- and everyone in between.

In these tailored online sessions, we:

  • Unlock existing skills

  • Provide and practice new approaches

  • Reflect on recordings to build-on   better habits

Online group workshops for professional public speaking, presentation skills and communication training - small group shape


For pairs and small groups
- and sometimes big ones, too.

Our customizable online workshops offer:​

  • An interactive, 'learning by doing' approach

  • Practical exercises and take-home techniques

  • Personalised feedback, recordings, and session follow-ups on request

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Robert Natzler, Invest Manager at Baillie Gifford, online presentations workshop client

"I really enjoyed working with The Actor Inside. The advice went beyond the basics of good presentation to incorporate insights on tone, clothing, setting and light specific to the video context. And all of it has proven really easy to integrate into my home office setting!"

Robert Natzler, Investment Manager


I'm interested in arranging sessions for my team
- what next?

Contact us using the form below for a chat. We'll discuss how we can help you, and come up with a session plan to get started.

Can I book sessions as an individual?

Absolutely. We work with whole teams and individuals - with organizations and independent clients.


Just contact us using the form below, and we'll get talking.

What will the cost be for the training?

It will depend on the session plan we decide to take together - so we'll provide you with an accurate quote once we've talked through your training needs. There might even be some discounts available!

Do you offer in-person sessions too?

Yes! While most of our partners prefer to train online, we also offer in-person sessions for special occasions. You can ask us about these when using the contact form below.

Film board for public speaking coaching and presentation skills training


Let's talk!

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