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Picture the scene. Two soon-to-be founders are eating dinner...

Andy is waxing-lyrical to Jo about his life-changing acting training. Jo is thinking that these skills sound like they could make a big difference to his team's performance at work.

Fast forward a few years, and we're providing our acting-inspired training for all sorts - from world leading investors, and thriving business leaders, to young refugees who speak up for the rights of their communities. Think you could be next?

(That's Andy pictured right on the set of Gangs of London with his fantastic stunt double, Kyle).

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team-photo-andy.jpgAndy LaithwaiteFounder
Andy is the life and soul of the Actor Inside party. It's his work that has moved the company from a twinkle in the eye to the towering monolith you see today. He's worried that if he cuts his hair he'll lose some of his special powers.
team-photo-jo.jpgJo SaxbyFounder
Jo is the business mind of the operation. He is currently leading a new world-saving start-up that will stop climate change one heat-pump at a time. He claims his affection for Damien Lewis is independent of shared appearances.
team-photo-rebecca.jpgRebecca BanatvalaWorkshop lead
Rebecca is a fiercely competent teacher, and exceptionally talented actor. She cut her teeth treading the boards at university and has never looked back.

Our trainers have walked the boards with

bbc.pngcentral.pngchannel 4.jpghbo.jpglamda.pngrsc.jpgSky atlantic.png
Tim Hedgeland.jfif
"This training is a must. I was thrilled to discover new techniques that transformed how I came across over video conferencing, even after a short session. Having trained actors coach you, makes all the difference too!"
Tim Hedgeland,Department of Energy Security

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