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Individual coaching

For many teams, our group workshops are just the beginning. Why? Because nothing helps with honing new habits like one-to-one practice, especially when the sessions are totally tailored to the individual.


Perhaps there’s a specific presentation to be prepared for. Or perhaps it’s the opportunity to try out new methods and approaches, with the benefit of an experienced outside eye as a collaborator. Or even to practice challenging conversations, with a trained actor standing-in to put you through your paces.

Whatever it is, here are a few booking options to help you and your team get started*:

 Option 1:  Half day

For people looking for a presentation skills MOT, a problem-area overview, or the opportunity to practice a specific presentation with an outside eye.


1 x 3.5 hours, morning, afternoon or evening.

 Option 2:  Four weeks, four sessions

For those interested in investigating bigger changes, with some space for things to start to sink in.


4 x 1 hour sessions over 4 weeks.

 Option 3:  Ten weeks, ten sessions 

For those hoping to really explore their presentations potential, and to discover new habits to put into practice with a creative collaborator – with a regular schedule for supporting better progression.

10 x 1 hour sessions over 10 weeks

Free session

for each

10-session booking!

*weekly sessions can also be booked on a rolling basis

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